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Laura Freeman is and has been an avid traveler her entire life. From planning fictitious family vacations as a child to actual trips around the world as a teenager and adult, Laura has traveled extensively. She currently lives in New York, but has called Boston, Chicago and even Paris home.

Laura's inspiration for The Trip Trotter came from a past trip to Israel where she had the smallest suitcase - and the best outfits - out of the forty people on the trip. She realized that many people are inexperienced and struggle with traveling, including packing for trips. Laura wanted to help others experience the beauty and adventures that the world has to offer. 

Her humble beginnings dispensing tomato sauce samples for a food-industry startup started a journey that combined her sense of adventure with the ability to wear many hats. This business savvy has led to success in challenges of many kinds, from managing a corporate showroom to taking charge of fashion accounts of all sizes, both brick-and-mortar and online. Laura's background in account management has given her the tools to understand the needs of many different kinds of people.

Laura graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in 2008 and went on to become an account manager in the fashion industry. She left this world behind to pursue her true passion of planning unique and unforgettable vacations for fellow world-travelers. Laura has worked in event planning, lending her hand to 1000+ person events in New York at top-name venues. She has extensive trade show experience. However, she is equally proud of having planned and executed memorable charity events, weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties.

Laura is proud to have been named one of Travel Agent Magazine's 30 Under 30 for 2015. She is a certified Wellness Travel Specialist, an honor which less than 30 out of 47,000 eligible agents hold. Laura served on the YTP (Young Travel Professionals) Global Events and FAM Trips board. She also represented the Tzell Travel Group at Travel & Leisure Academy in Mexico City in 2015.

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Laura Freeman, Founder and Lead Travel Planner

Laura Freeman, Founder and Lead Travel Planner