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The Dos and Don'ts of Cuba

  • Published in Travel Tips
  • Monday, 30 January 2017 00:00
  • Written by Nick McGlynn
Don't go to Cuba for the food! Everything you know about Cuban food is an American version of Cuban food. Not only is good Cuban food hard to find, sometimes food in general is hard to find. It is common for restaurants to be completely sold out of many items on the menu by about 4pm. The default meat is pork, so if you want beef you need to ask for beef. Breakfasts are bland and nothing special: you will eat eggs and toast every day and there aren't really any other options.  Don't go to Cuba to go on a shopping spree! You won't be able to buy anything because shopping doesn't really exist. The few vendors there are sell the exact same goods as the other vendors: little wooden cars, magic boxes, magnets, and other small handmade items. There is a central market called San Jose, near the…

France: The Perfect 30th Birthday Getaway

When I was 12 years old, my grandmother took me to Paris. I had never left the country before and from the moment that we arrived at Charles de Gaulle, I was smitten. I walked the Champs Elysee like I owned it, ate pigeon during a dinner cruise on the Seine, and even went to the Moulin Rouge. Clearly, my grandma wasn't the normal bake-you-cookies type. That trip not only cemented my love of travel, but my love of France. France is my favorite country in the world and I continuously find myself wanting to return to. As I get older, my interests change, which makes each trip fundamentally different; like I'm visiting a completely new city and a dear old friend at the same time. This year I turned 30 and I wanted nothing more than to spend my big birthday in the city that changed my life for…
Concerned about Zika but still want to travel Somewhere warm this winter? We totally understand that you're wary of Zika. We also totally understand that you still need to take a vacation this winter. Never fear! We've compiled the ultimate list of Zika-free destinations along with handpicked resorts to make your holiday postcard perfect! Uruguay- Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio Uruguay is a seriously under-rated destination considering all that it has to offer. Besides numerous beautiful beaches, Uruguay has a vibrant colonial city and growing wine region! Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio is located on the southeastern coast of Uruguay right on the Atlantic ocean. At just 37 suites, Bahia Vik provides guests with personal attention. Rooms combine indoor and outdoor living that truly compliment the surrounding environment. Don't worry- even though the resort itself is small, you definitely won't be bored! There is a lot to do, including yoga on the beach,…
From the moment that I exited the plane, I realized that India was nothing like I anticipated. We landed in the middle of the afternoon and the airport was empty! where were the crowds that I heard so much about? (I now know more about India flight patterns) Nothing smelled like curry!!! My guide, Jai, met me after arrivals and we began our adventure into the city. The drive to our hotel was surprisingly calm. In many ways, the layout of Delhi reminded me a lot of Mexico City. Similarly, upscale neighborhoods were guarded by tall walls with high security gates. Apparently, the traffic in Delhi is also similar to Mexico City. Lucky for me, it was Saturday so the roads were clear. We arrived at my hotel, the gorgeous Leela Palace New Delhi, and I had my first experience with the infamous strict security of India; TSA style screening…

Introduction to India

In the last year, I've been able to call myself a true jetsetter. The nature of my job has me traveling to new destinations almost monthly. I am living the dream! However, the more that I traveled to new places, the less foreign they felt. Destinations that would have once felt unfamiliar now felt quite comfortable. Despite having some absolutely phenomenal experiences, I've found my travels were lacking that punch in the stomach of glee that travel used to give me. I feel somewhat guilty even confessing this as I truly am grateful for my incredible life, but when travel becomes your job, it changes. My clients are always in the forefront of my mind as I travel, and I nit-pick, judge and notice details that the average tourist may not. I miss the months of planning, the weeks of packing, shopping for special clothes, and the giddiness that keeps…

Emilia Romagna Day 2: The Casentino Forest

If you missed your first day in Emilia Romagna, you can read all about it here. The morning came a bit too soon, but I was lucky to be greeted by sun and warmth. Typically the weather is not so nice in November and there is a lot of rain. Like a good travel agent, I spent some of the morning touring the hotels in town. Bagno di Romana is very popular as a tourist destination for Italians, so there are several great choices. We packed up our things and drove to the nearby National Park of The Casentino Forest. Most photos of Italy portray the country as rolling hills dotted with vineyards so it was strange to see forest. One thing still rings true; even in the forest, the country is still full of hills. Instead of vineyards though, picture full grown trees. This area is a cycler's dream!…

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