Whether you want to discover the temples of the Far East, come face to face with wild elephants and giraffes in the bush of Africa, explore the castles of Europe, uncover the mysteries of the Middle East, wine taste in Australia, or explore the jungles of South America, the Trip Trotter can create you a magical itinerary that turns your wildest dreams into a reality.

Planning a trip overseas takes a lot of work!

At a minimum, you have to chose a destination, book a flight, search through a myriad of hotels, figure out what to do, put together a plan of how to get everywhere, learn about the country, and pack. Even for an expert traveler, this takes countless hours!

With Trip Trotter, you can leave the travel planning to us – we specialize in finding those "hidden gems" that make you experience a destination as if you've lived there for years. When you Google "things to do in Israel," there are half a million pages of results- and Israel is only about the side of Rhode Island! The Trip Trotter handpicks activities suited for you, taking out those hours upon hours of guesswork. 

Custom Itineraries created for you

We create custom itineraries that combine the must-sees with alternative activities based on you interests. Whether you're a foodie seeking an off-the-beaten-path food crawl or a humanitarian in search of volunteer opportunities, your travel planner will plan a trip you never thought possible and will never forget. Every trip is customized to your desire! No matter what you have in mind, Trip Trotter will work with you until you're satisfied.

We help our clients really prepare for a trip; whether it's your 1st or 100th time overseas, you will feel confident about your trip.

We eliminate countless hours of research and planning. No hassle, no frustration, no feeling of being overwhelmed.



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