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How To: Create a Guide Book for your Guests

I spent my college years living in a 10-bedroom loft in SoHo. Most of my roommates were international and I felt like I was living in the movie l’Auberge Espanol. As you can probably imagine, with 9 roommates, we had a lot of guests. Everyone wants to visit New York and nobody wants to pay the $250/night hotel price tag when they could sleep on a sofa for free. One particular French roommate had a lot of guests and instead of taking the same tour of Times Square, The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty etc, came up with a ingenious idea of creating his own tour book routed to and from our apartment with directions in French. Of course, this probably isn’t the Miss Manner’s approved way to entertain guests, but this is perfect for friends using your place as a crash pad or for a day you’re not…

Annie's Adventures in India

    The Itinerary: Delhi->Agra->Jaipur->Srinigar->Leh->Manali->Chandigarh->Delhi Time period: 30 days exactly Budget: About $35/day + $500 for buying textiles, jewelry, gifts.  My travel history: While I've never been to Asia before, I consider myself an experienced traveler. I've done 4 or 5 trips of 1-3 months in length, in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Latin America and here in the United States.   Why India?? I'm now in graduate school. Which, while putting me on a tighter budget than I've had to travel with lately, also provided me with a rare chance to run free of work obligations and plan a more ambitious trip than I've been able to in a while. I went with another close friend who also had the summer off.  My first pre-traveling piece of advice for India is: buy your plane ticket 6 months in advance, at least! Though we checked prices regularly starting in January (for a flight…

Sausage Fest 2013!

Last night, we held out first fundraiser, Sausage Fest, in honor of National Bratwurst Day. It was a beautiful night in Brooklyn, not too hot and not too cold. We were lucky enough to enjoy the party not only inside, but also on the roof, with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop. We ate three different types of sausages, two different types of Polish Kielbasa, Podwawiska and Swojska, and one Italian sausage. We also enjoyed sides of a traditional German potato salad and green beans. This event was very fun to shop for. Our apartment in Williamsburg is located in the Italian neighborhood. We have been going to see Lou at Model T Meats for many years. Stepping into Lou's store is a blast from this past- complete with the sawdust on the floor. Lou makes his own Italian Sausage every Thursday afternoon and everyone in the neighborhood knows that…

Hello and welcome to the Trip Trotter blog!

My name is Laura Hanaford and I am the owner, founder and travel planner for The Trip Trotter. My husband, David, and our two children (cats), Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard live at the Clue Mansion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I've been traveling internationally since I was 12 years old. Seeing the world is my passion! I started the Trip Trotter after realizing that many people find that traveling the world on your own is very overwhelming and intimidating! After many years of practice, I have gotten traveling down to a science and wanted to share this ability with everybody else. Choosing the right travel partner is key to enjoying the perfect vacation! If you go to Paris with someone who wants to spend all their time at the Louvre, and you want to go shopping, neither party will enjoy themselves. You spend too much money, energy and vacation time to…

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