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The Trip Trotter Blog aims to gather the most interesting travel stories, best vacation planning tips, and useful information regarding locations and popular destinations around the world. Guest authors and fellow travelers are helping to create an interesting and cohesive travel blog. If you would like to share your own advice or if you have any interesting stories you would love to share, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vegas for Haters

I had been to Las Vegas 4 times and I always hated it. Even being used to New York pricing, I find it Vegas soul-sucking expensive. The Strip is not my scene; I don't like rowdy woo-girls***, obnoxious frat guys, or anyone who can't hold their liquor making a fool of themselves. I see there are good qualities about Vegas, but there are shows and most of the same restaurants in New York. Vegas reminds me of a year-round New York Times Square New Year's Eve- minus the cold. I understand why it's so special for a lot of people. And, unfortunately, it is a great location for trade shows.  So you must imagine how surprised I was to meet my husband in the pool of Planet Hollywood. We felt an obligation to return to the scene of the crime for our wedding anniversary. On my first two trips to…

The Shoe that Revolutionized Travel

We at The Trip Trotter are all about traveling with carryon luggage. But for the fashionista, plotting a shoe plan can be very difficult. Luckily, our friends at Day2Night have solved that problem for us. Introducing the convertible shoe! The convertible shoe starts off as a black patent leather flat, but when you add one of the 5 heel heights, you can turn this shoe into a stylish pump. The heel starts at ¾" and grows to 3 ¾". No longer do you need to pack several different black shoes. The convertible shoe is durable with a flexible rubber sole, and has even been tested on runners! Check out the convertible shoe and make packing for your next vacation easier!

A Drive Up the Grand Canyon: Page, Arizona

View Larger Map What an odd title, I know. The last place I left off in our Grand Canyon saga, we had just exited from the East side via highway 64. If you missed this exciting tale, you can read about it here. I feel the need to say again how much I love driving in the Southwest, where I pretend there is no speed limit. I rarely drive; we don't own a car in Brooklyn. When I drive, the congestion of New York makes my road rage gets so bad, that I am put in a bad mood and need at least a half hour of recovery time after I'm relieved of my duty. I also pretend to be a horrible driver so my husband does it all whenever we travel. I get to sit in the passengers seat "navigating" and promising not to fall asleep, a feat which…

Tales of Turkey

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  • Saturday, 07 December 2013 00:00
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After a year of traveling and generally doing nothing, I finally decided, "I'm going to settle down for a bit." But, unlike most Americans taking this step, I knew the US wouldn't be the location. As a lover of grammar and linguistics and an avid traveler, I had also always wanted to teach English abroad. I began the hunt for a place to work with the only requirements being "not too different but not too similar" and ended up in Ankara, Turkey at a university there. I went for one year and stayed for three and now that I've been away for a bit over a year, I can easily say I would go back in a heartbeat. Honestly, I knew very little about my new home prior to moving there. In 2007, while I was in Rome, I remember meeting a fellow traveler who had just come from Turkey…

The Grand Canyon During Government Shutdown

It's been awhile since my trip, but luckily I have my travel journal handy to remember the details. The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but so often it gets categorized in that lame-family-road trip genre. After my visit to Victoria Falls last June- which I promise to write about soon- I became obsessed with visiting Natural Wonders. My husband and I met in the pool of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on my 22nd birthday. We decided it would be fun to travel back to visit for our 2nd wedding anniversary. I'm really not a Vegas person,** (but more on this later- we created an AMAZING non-Vegas Strip itinerary) so 4 whole days in Vegas was not something I could stand for. The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is only a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas, which made it a perfect…

Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

The day before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year, followed by the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We at The Trip Trotter have put together our BEST tips for making air travel on these two days a little bit more tolerable.  1. Only bring a carryon. Make sure it's quick and easy to transport. 2. Snacks. Airport food is expensive and often full of calories and salt. Salty snacks are awful to eat while traveling. Bring snacks like Kashi or granola- something with plenty of protein. You want to make sure that you drink a lot of water. 3. Emergen-c! Keep you immune system up while sharing the air with hungreds of others.  4. Load your iPad/Kindle/Smartphone up with a bunch of great books; an easy read, an intellectual read and a bestseller. I advise the Kindle route to save space in your luggage.  5. Make sure you have…

Peter Pan's Donuts- A True Never Never Land

I am a sucker for sweets, however, donuts aren't usually on my go-to list. Generally, I find them too heavy; I can literally feel the fire forming around my stomach. I've recently been reading tons of articles, like this one from the Gothamist about donuts and some of them, I HAD to try. In the heart of Polish Greenpoint is Peter Pan. If for some reason, you have trouble spotting which shop is which, look for the line crawling outside. The interior of Peter Pan is a truly nostalgic blast from the past; a place you'd expect to see in a 1950s family movie. Despite the decent amount of counter bar-type seating, you will be hard-pressed to find a spot. Even the pressing line at the front of the house, Regulars don't seem bothered enough to suck down their coffee and finish reading their paper. This is not that kind…

Lusting after: Ice Hotels

In honor of the first snow today, check out these magical ice hotels. Made of ice, you will feel like you're living in a crystal palace.    Ice Hotel - Sweden This is the largest ice hotel in the world, though it feels more like sleeping in a beautifully curated art museum. Visitors to the hotel will be blown away by the chic Scandinavian architecture, galleries of art and stylish dining options- served on ice! Take shots out of ice shot glasses and dance the night away in the ice night club. Inside the Artic circle, you will be amazed by some of the most incredible views of the Northern Lights- one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World- and the midnight sun. Other activities available are ice driving, horseback riding, snowmobile tours and dog sledding  There are both cold suites and warm suites. For the brave adventurer, the cold…

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