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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent Featured

With all of the information available on the internet and the numerous booking sites, I always get asked why anyone would use a travel agent. So here they are, The Trip Trotter's Top 5 reasons to use a travel agent.

5. Personal Experience: We all know that photos don't tell the entire story. With over 300 agents in our New York office alone, we have personal knowledge of each property and destination. My office has on vendors coming in daily updating us on what's new and hot in the world of travel. 

4. Added Value: My agency is part of several hotel programs that give our clients upgrades and amenities at hundreds of properties worldwide. At select hotels we can offer: food/beverage or spa credit, early check in/late check out, and even free breakfast (to name a few.)

3. We're a one stop shop: We handle all aspects of your trip from ground to hotel to restaurants to hard to get tickets. We get exclusive offers that you won't find online: access to the best rooms, high floors and views that aren't advertised on Expedia and Travelocity. We are part of a hotel program that gives us the best rate at over 32,000 properties worldwide.

2. Better Vacation Experience: We are constantly thinking of ways to enhance your vacation and make sure it is the best fit for you. We make sure your trip fits your personality; that you aren't going to a party city when you want something quiet or staying at a traditional hotel when your taste is modern. We make sure all your connections are realistic and you aren't trying to fit too many places in an itinerary. We have personal relationships with hotels, airlines, cruises and tour operators so our bookings get regarded with the upmost respect.

1. If there's a problem when you travel, you have someone to help you:  My agency has a 24/7 help desk and even a direct phone line with Delta. If you're stuck somewhere, we can use our relationship with the hotel to keep your room until we are able to safely get you out. 


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