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Packing for My First Cruise

I leave tomorrow for Orlando to take my first CRUISE! I could not be more excited. I never considered myself a "cruise person," but my excitement seems to differ, especially given the snow that we have here in NYC. I am cruising on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the seas, 2-night to Bahamas and I have an extra night in Orlando. I wanted to share how I am packing- and then see how it compares to how I would have packed after knowing more about cruising.

All clothes

I am brining: 2 dresses for dining and evening, 1 pair of black heels, a black cardigan, a night time handbag, a pair of thin black pants (I'm not really a shorts person), a t-shirt, tank top and a top, sweatshirt, sneakers and gym wear (hey- you never know), 2 day time dresses, flip flops, a pair of pajamas, undergarments, 2 swim suits and 1 cover-up, a travel hair straightener, socks and deodorant, headphones, medications, sunglasses, travel journal, hair brush and all necessary documents.

Close up of clothes Cruise top

I am also bringing my awesome sequin tacky cruise top- because it's awesome. I've had this for years, it's perfect for Vegas and other flashy events and looks super cute with black cigarette pants.

Shoes carryon

Because I have room in my suitcase and don't need to pack so tightly, I am putting my shoes in plastic bags to go in my suitcase. My liquids, medications, sunglaseses, travel journal, documents and electronics/chargers (not pictured) will go in my handbag. 

plane outfit

I will wear my black pants, ballet flats, t-shirt and sweatshirt on the airplane. 


So do you think that I packed right? We shall see! Follow-up to come!

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