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5 Tips for Riding the NY Subway During Rush Hour

New Yorkers take their subway transit pretty seriously; home to work is complete autopilot. To an outsider, riding the subway can be a really daunting experience, especially during the morning rush hour. We're come up with some tips for riding between the weekday hours of 8-10am.

1. Stay silent

Most people have not had coffee yet and are pretty cranky. The morning commute is the one time when New York is silent, and we like to keep it that way!

2. Always hold on to the pole

Too often, tourists don't hold on and then fall onto a stranger when the train jerks around. If this happens, try not to have your whole group giggle. Just apologize and follow rule #1. (And remember your Purell)

3. Don't stand in the doorw

You will get run over. If you must stand in the doorway, exit the train at the stop and stand to the side of the doors while everyone gets off, then re-enter. 

4. When you exit the train, don't stop in the middle of the platform

Would you stop your car in the middle of the highway? Think of the pedestrain routes as a highway. Stay to the right and keep moving. If you need to stop, walk to an exit or to a wall. 

5. Take off your backpack

Hold your backpack by your side so another person can board. Be wary of your luggage at all times. Most importantly, remember that your bag should never get its own seat!

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