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Some say that age is only a number. Working in travel, my age has become a vital selling tool to my clients. For years, the travel industry has been known as land of the dinosaurs- and who can blame them for wanting to work forever; being a travel agent is a great job! But my age- or lack thereof- is one of my advantages. Millennials have become a powerhouse for travel- big spenders with even bigger desires. As a millennial myself, I understand their travel style and how to wow. For instance, unlike many baby boomer travelers, for most millennial travelers having a private guide escort you around 24/7 is more of a nuisance than a luxury. Millennials will, on the other hand, pay for a night in a luxurious hotel and experiences that are special and different from what their friends have experienced. I'm honest with my clients about what they can tour on their own and what they really should take a guided tour of.
Speaking of experience, that's our expertise. I am constantly travelling and checking out new and exciting places so I know what resort to recommend to my hiker clients and what to recommend my spa clients. It's our job to be learning, so we are aware of properties that a quick search on Expedia would never lead you to.
I also know that millennial travelers like to communicate in other ways than by using a phone. I've planned trips via sms, gchat and even Facebook.
Planning honeymoons is one of my specialties. That's because I am married and vividly remember exactly what a couple goes through during this time. I can empathize with the stress that my client's are going through and provide the shoulder and reassurance that they need.
While I often emphasize the upgrades and amenities that I can provide my clients, my most valuable asset is these skills. They set me apart from Expedia and other agents and allow me to provide the best trip possible for my clients.

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