Laura Freeman

Laura Freeman

Monday, 28 September 2015 00:00

Age is More Than Just a Number

Some say that age is only a number. Working in travel, my age has become a vital selling tool to my clients. For years, the travel industry has been known as land of the dinosaurs- and who can blame them for wanting to work forever; being a travel agent is a great job! But my age- or lack thereof- is one of my advantages. Millennials have become a powerhouse for travel- big spenders with even bigger desires. As a millennial myself, I understand their travel style and how to wow. For instance, unlike many baby boomer travelers, for most millennial travelers having a private guide escort you around 24/7 is more of a nuisance than a luxury. Millennials will, on the other hand, pay for a night in a luxurious hotel and experiences that are special and different from what their friends have experienced. I'm honest with my clients about what they can tour on their own and what they really should take a guided tour of.
Speaking of experience, that's our expertise. I am constantly travelling and checking out new and exciting places so I know what resort to recommend to my hiker clients and what to recommend my spa clients. It's our job to be learning, so we are aware of properties that a quick search on Expedia would never lead you to.
I also know that millennial travelers like to communicate in other ways than by using a phone. I've planned trips via sms, gchat and even Facebook.
Planning honeymoons is one of my specialties. That's because I am married and vividly remember exactly what a couple goes through during this time. I can empathize with the stress that my client's are going through and provide the shoulder and reassurance that they need.
While I often emphasize the upgrades and amenities that I can provide my clients, my most valuable asset is these skills. They set me apart from Expedia and other agents and allow me to provide the best trip possible for my clients.

Petting Lion

We are SO thrilled to announce that Laura Hanaford of The Trip Trotter was announed one of Travel Agent Magazine's 30 Under 30:

"Here They Are: The future of the travel industry, the next generation of agents who will discover new places to go and new ways to connect with travelers. They exist in a 24/7 world of nonstop information, and communicate with each other, with other industry professionals and with clients through multiple platforms. They tweet. They share. They snap pictures and chat about their experiences. And they sell travel in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

They are Travel Agent’s top 30Under30 for 2015, which represents the eighth year of the program.

Over the past several years this feature has created a buzz in the industry and also helped fuel a community of young professionals who enjoy being a part of a special growing niche in the travel industry. This year’s list of young agents, all of whom were under 30 when the year began, is a testament to our combined success.

Candidates for 30Under30 nominate themselves for the program. Nominees must be currently employed at any level as a travel consultant, have completed a significant project for his or her travel agency, and be recognized by heads of his or her own organization as an emerging leader.

Laura Hanaford, 29

The Trip Trotter

New York, NY

Laura Hanaford was “miserable” working as an account executive in the fashion industry. However, she says working in such a competitive, high-paced environment taught her the necessary skills to multitask and switch roles when she needed to. After five years, she decided to call it quits and took a year off, embarking on a Birthright trip to Israel.

“I was amazed that out of 30 people, I had the smallest suitcase [and] was saddened to watch my fellow travelers navigate Israel so awkwardly,” Hanaford says. “For many of them it was their first trip out of the country and they were in their mid-20s. I wanted to help Americans become better and more comfortable travelers, to not feel that travel is daunting.” So she founded The Trip Trotter, specializing in custom, bespoke FITs.

During a recent trip Hanaford planned, a client was flying to Nice, France, to attend her daughter’s wedding. “[The client] was undergoing cancer radiation, so there was a finite time that she could be away,” Hanaford explains. “One of the meetings ran long and caused her to miss her return flight.” Hanaford was able to purchase tickets online for the only service available the next day, despite the fact that the person she was using for ticketing told her the seats were sold out.

“This experience taught me the value of having a great team and thinking outside the box [and] that sometimes the best thing that I can do for a client is to pass them on to someone who can better help them than I can.”

Hanaford, a member of the Young Travel Professionals Global Events and Fam Team, is passing on what she has learned to other aspiring travel consultants. She spoke at Travel Fest 2015 about her company and how she came into the industry, and has also spoken to a class at Baruch University about customer acquisition."

You can read the full article on Travel Agent Magazine's website here

Wednesday, 08 July 2015 00:00

The Virgin Atlantic JFK Lounge

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Virgin Atlantic lounge at JFK airport- Terminal 4. The clubhouse is chic and futuristic like a 21st century Jetson's house with the grime of JFK a million miles away. The lounge offers many pleasantries to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Virgin Clubhouse Entry
Businessmen can catch-up on work at the workstations.

virgin atlantic office
Just getting off a long layover? Refresh with a shower!

Shower Virgin Atlantic

You can arrive to your destination in style with a chic cut or style at the Bumble and Bumble salon, or relax with a massage.

The main sitting area is open with many different types of seating. The sofa is made from punching bags!

Fun at virgin Atlantic

There is also a sitting area with by the restaurant, where you can watch the planes take off and land.

Sitting by restaurant virgin

For those seeking some quiet time, another sitting area is available. 

Futuristic Seating

The restaurant and bar are probably my favorite areas (of course.) The Virgin Redhead, their signature drink, is hardly a virgin.

open seating virgin atlantic

The menu is intensive; you can stick with the tapas-style appetizers or indulge in an entrée. There are even healthy options; the salmon is delicious! Make sure that you leave room for dessert.

Seating at Virgin Atlantic Restuarant
My experience at the clubhouse was fantastic, though I'm going to be forever envious of how the other half flies. I would definitely consider purchasing the $75 guest pass to make my layover JFK fastfood free!

Restaurant Virgin Atlantic

Monday, 08 June 2015 00:00

City Island- A Haven in the Bronx

My favorite part about living in New York is that there are so many different neighborhoods to visit. Compared to most New Yorkers, I think that I do a pretty good job of expanding my horizons and seeing new places. For me, the Bronx is the final frontier. Geographically the furthest borough from our home in Brooklyn, exploring the Bronx is a commitment. This summer, I have pledged to make that commitment and see what this massive borough has to offer. As the home of hip-hop, there certainly has to be more to this place than the Botanical Garden, Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo, right?

City Island bars

A short bus ride away from the end of the 6 train is City Island, a place that you would never believe is part of New York City- let alone the Bronx- until you saw the skyline in the distance. City Island is 1.5 miles long with a population of just over 4,000 people. Originally inhabited by the Siqanoy Native Americans, it was settled by the Europeans in 1654.

Houses on City Island

In 1761, New Yorker Benjamin Palmer purchased the island with a dream of turning it into a main port. Palmer envisioned City Island rivaling New York City, as its' position was favorable to ships passing through the Long Island Sound. Unfortunately for Palmer, the start of the American Revolution put the project at a standstill.

CIty Island

Today, the island still has a distinct port feel; docks filled with hundreds of boats line the perimeter. Take the BX29 bus just over the bridge and take a stroll down City Island Avenue, the main drag. The street is lined with shops, bars, and many restaurants. You can't help but wonder if you're in New England or upstate New York.

Garlic Bread at the Crab Shanty chowder at crab shanty

We were starving by the time we arrived, so we headed over to The Crab Shanty. The interior of the restaurant feels like you're stepping into a cartoon; neon lights everywhere and faux houses molded into the walls. There's something very comforting about it all- a true old school seafood joint! The restaurant is packed. Dave and I ordered two platters off the lunch menu, which came with unlimited garlic bread, soup or a salad and a side. Dave and I definitely could have split an entrée and been stuffed! The seafood was good, but the garlic bread was great. Anything with real butter is always a treat!

city island lobster

Our two seafood entrees (with enough leftovers for dinner) and our fishbowl drink ran us about $60 with tax. I was having a hard time believing I was in New York!

View form the end of city islandCombating a food coma, we walked down City Island Avenue to the tip. Johnny's Reef Restaurant, another City Island staple, was overflowing with people and cars. The restaurant's outside picnic area overlooks the city and has telescopes to take a closer look.

deck on city island

On our way back, we stopped at an Italian restaurant, Portofino, for a drink. The interior was classically Italian with large, inviting booths. We sat outside on the lovely patio overlooking the docks. The sangria was amazing! Eyeing our neighbor's food, the dishes looked fresh, but we were still too stuffed from lunch.


As the sun went down, we headed back to the bus. Cars were pouring in for the dinner rush, creating gridlock getting onto the island. I suddenly remembered that I was infact in New York City.

Last week, we were fortunate enough to visit the Knickerbocker Hotel, located in New York City. The Knickerbocker is a brand new hotel, situated on the southeastern corner of Times Square. It's important to note the location because once inside you are transported to another world; you would never guess that the hustle and bustle of Times Square is just a wall away. The transformation happens right at the door when you are greeted by the bellhops in old world attire.

Corner Junior Suite Knickerbocker hotel
The rooms took the hotel to another level. I was especially impressed by the size. The average room is 435 sq feet; the average room in Times Square is 280 sq feet. How's that for space!? Rooms are modern and sleek, yet neutral as to not compete with the craziness of Times Square. The blackout shades and soundproof walls provide for an excellent sleep. Have you ever entered a hotel room with a dead cell phone only to find no plugs, or only plugs on the other side of the room? Well not this hotel. Ample plugs and USB ports are right by the bed. Thirsty? Enjoy complimentary soft drinks and water from the mini bar.

Double Junior Suite Knickerbocker
Parents can also rejoice as this hotel is great for families; a whopping 88 out of 308 rooms have double beds and all corner rooms are able to connect.

Double Vanity Bathroom Knickerbocker Bathtub bathroom Knickerbocker
As a woman, I love the generous size of the bathroom! Tubs are only available upon request, so they used the extra space as flooring. Best of all, the bathroom has everything that you may have forgotten: tide pens, bobby pins, hair ties...even cuff links for the man. They've really thought of everything.
Hungry? Master Chef Charlie Palmer's incredible restaurant is sure to satisfy your appetite, but if you're looking for something extra special, make your way to St Cloud, a rooftop bar unlike no other. This 360 roof top will host events during the day, like yoga and spinning. In the evening, enjoy an open-air cigar bar, cocktails with exceptional views of Times Square and the New Year's ball, a lounge with walls of Swarovski Crystal. I'd kill to spend New Year's Eve here!

 Charlie Palmer at the Knickerbocker
So who should stay here? This place is great for people who need the convenience of staying in Times Square, but would like something more luxurious, private and quiet than Times Square Hotels.

St. Cloud Knickerbocker

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 00:00

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

With all of the information available on the internet and the numerous booking sites, I always get asked why anyone would use a travel agent. So here they are, The Trip Trotter's Top 5 reasons to use a travel agent.

5. Personal Experience: We all know that photos don't tell the entire story. With over 300 agents in our New York office alone, we have personal knowledge of each property and destination. My office has on vendors coming in daily updating us on what's new and hot in the world of travel. 

4. Added Value: My agency is part of several hotel programs that give our clients upgrades and amenities at hundreds of properties worldwide. At select hotels we can offer: food/beverage or spa credit, early check in/late check out, and even free breakfast (to name a few.)

3. We're a one stop shop: We handle all aspects of your trip from ground to hotel to restaurants to hard to get tickets. We get exclusive offers that you won't find online: access to the best rooms, high floors and views that aren't advertised on Expedia and Travelocity. We are part of a hotel program that gives us the best rate at over 32,000 properties worldwide.

2. Better Vacation Experience: We are constantly thinking of ways to enhance your vacation and make sure it is the best fit for you. We make sure your trip fits your personality; that you aren't going to a party city when you want something quiet or staying at a traditional hotel when your taste is modern. We make sure all your connections are realistic and you aren't trying to fit too many places in an itinerary. We have personal relationships with hotels, airlines, cruises and tour operators so our bookings get regarded with the upmost respect.

1. If there's a problem when you travel, you have someone to help you:  My agency has a 24/7 help desk and even a direct phone line with Delta. If you're stuck somewhere, we can use our relationship with the hotel to keep your room until we are able to safely get you out. 


Friday, 01 May 2015 00:00

A Night at the Ice Hotel

In winter 2013, I wrote about ice hotels and, finally, this past March, I made the trek to Quebec City to stay at the Hotel de Glace. Located 10 minutes from downtown Quebec, the Hotel de Glace is a convenient alternative to the northern European ice hotels. You are only allowed to stay a night (and trust me- you don't need to stay longer,) so the short travel time was especially attractive. The Hotel de Glace has 44 rooms and is only open from January 3- March 22, when it is cold enough to support the structure.

Ice Hotel side view

The Ice Hotel Sideview

The hotel is different each year. Built over a month and a half period, it takes 50 workers, 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice to create the hotel. This year was the 15th anniversary of the hotel, so the rooms were extra special.

Hotel de Glace

Games at the Ice Hotel

The hotel is open to the public until 6pm daily. Many people come to the hotel to take a guided tour and play games around the hotel- there is even a maze. The tour is incredibly interesting and gives guests a great deal of information about the process of building the hotel and the art within it.

Hotel de Glace

The Outside of the Chapel

Attached to the hotel is the wedding chapel where couples get married. There was even a wedding the night of our stay.

Hotel de Glace

The inside of the chapel

There are only 44 rooms, so the hotel sells out quickly. The vast majority of the rooms are basic with just a bed and ice nightstand, but you can also book a themed suite. Each suite is different and reflects the hotel's theme. This year's theme was "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

Medeval suite

A theme room in the ice hotel

The theme tells the story of world beginning with the dinosaurs and continuing onto the future. Rooms show different eras and different parts of the world.

Hotel de Glace Hotel de Glace

The back of the lobby

Immediately upon entering the lobby, the theme is present; the walls are carved with dinosaurs and cave paintings.

Hotel de Glace

The Ice Hotel Lobby

Upon arrival, overnight guests are lead to "Celsius," an indoor complex with a restaurant, bathrooms and lockers. Celsius is open 24 hours a day and guests are encouraged to leave most of their belongings in the lockers at all times.

Party Room

The Disco Room 

You are assigned a slot for the mandatory seminar. During the seminar, a staff member addresses any concerns that you might have and demonstrates how to prepare your body (and your stuff!) for the cold night. Guests are provided special sleeping bags and liners.
After the tourists leave, rooms are closed for an hour while the staff prepares the rooms. Dave and I decided to use this time to enjoy our welcome shot at the bar. The bar was fantastic. Shots were served in glasses made from the same ice as the hotel.

Ice hotel bar

The Bar

The bar looks onto the discotheque. The club is large and is lined with gorgeous seats covered with animal fur, creating an exclusive-lounge feel. 

Ice bar tender Ice Lounge Fire

The Bartender and The Lounge

There was even an area with an enclosed fireplace that created an incredible ambiance.

Ice Lounge

The Lounge at the Nightclub

At one point, the activities coordinator came into the bar and set up a table. She gave each of us a piece of ice and a few ice chippers and let us (attempt to) chisel the block into art. It was MUCH harder than it looked and took a lot of time. I set out with high hopes of creating a detailed piece, but got frustrated and ended up with a heart. Dave turned an accidental hole in his into a mini ice luge for shots.

Hotel de Glace Hotel de Glace

My ice art

Next to the bar was the gallery and slide. The stairs to the slide were fashioned after the stairs to the Titanic because, like the Titanic, come April, the Ice Hotel would have the same fate.

Titanic Dave Phone Booth

Titanic Staircase and me sitting at a phonebooth in the gallery

When the rooms were prepared, we wandered through each suite once more; they were completely different with the colored lights.

hotel de glace Japan room night

The Japan Room during the day and then at night

At 9pm, the spa opens. The spa is an outside area with hot tubs and saunas. They are used before bed to help raise your temperature. Celsius is only about 100 feet from the hotel, but the run in your bathing suit to the spa is so cold that it feels like miles. Dave and I stayed in the hot tub as long as we could. We kept daring each other to jump in the snow and then back into the hot tub, but neither of us had the guts. The stars above us were plentiful and bright, especially compared to New York! You could even see Jupiter.

Ice Lobby night hotel de glace

The Lobby at night

After the sauna, you're supposed to take a shower and dry yourself completely. Dave and I then went back to our room, with our smuggled in beers, and had a great time listening to music and talking. Despite having no doors, the 4-foot-thick walls really kept out the sound and made the rooms feel very private.

hotel de glace

Me sitting on our bed

The most frequent question that I get about my stay at the Ice Hotel is whether or not you sleep on ice. The beds ARE made of ice, but the mattresses are placed on top of a wooden plank, so you are separated from the ice.

Dave Ice hotel

Dave after a few beers

After a few beers, I went to bed and Dave wandered the grounds by himself. I guess he had a few more beers because when I woke up in the morning, all of his clothes were on the floor of the hotel (they're supposed to be stuffed in your sleeping bag cover) and his phone had a cold warning! Whoops!

hotel de glace

Me properly swaddling myself 

Sleeping at the Ice Hotel was comfortable, if you prepare yourself, but come 7 in the morning when you get your wake up call, I was ready for a hot shower and a warm apartment. The worst part was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Luckily, we were fortunate to have a heated porter potty right around the corner

Ice Clock Ice Time

The Future Room

Staying at the Ice Hotel was completely surreal. I kept repeating to Dave, "I can't believe we're here." I had that same giddy feeling as when I visited the Grand Canyon or Great Wall of China. I am so happy to have crossed this one off my bucket list.

Hotel de Glace
Me the next day- I survived!!

See all of our Ice  Hotel Photos!

My next stop on the NY Hotel tour was the Bryant Park Hotel. This 14-year old hotel is built inside a historical building located on the south side of Bryant Park. Entering the hotel, you are greeted by a red, leather lobby and the overflowing traffic from their bustling restaurant, Koi. Koi is an American/Japanese fusion restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Due to its' location, the Bryant Park hotel mainly caters to corporate travelers in the fashion and entertainment field, but has a fantastic leisure business over the weekend. While the hotel is not non-family friendly, it caters to mostly an adult crowd. There are 128 guest rooms, 8 of which have two double beds. Rooms are minimalist and very clean! All of the rooms are generous in size; even the smallest room (the Superior Suite) is 300sq ft. I was especially impressed by the huge bathrooms with ample counter space. Bathrooms are also equipped with Molten Brown amenities. The superior suite sells from between the high $200- low $400s depending on season. I felt this was very well- low even- priced for the value and location- especially in a boutique hotel. Free Wi-Fi is also available for all hotel guests.

bryant Park Hotel Superior room Bryant Park hotel superior

Larger parties can enjoy the Bryant Park Suite which has a separate bedroom and pull out sofa. The average occupancy of the Bryant Park Hotel is 85%, not because they cannot sell out, but so they can constantly upgrade and renovate.

Bryant Park Suite Doubleroom Bryant Park Hotel

On the top two floors are several event spaces with sweeping views of the city. The space on the 24th floor even has a terrace. Spaces can hold up to 70 people cocktail style.

Bryant Park Screening Room Bryant Park Bar
Downstairs is a screening room that can even show movies in 3D. Next to the theater is the Cellar Bar, which hosts a free nightly happy hour for all hotel guests, Monday – Friday. Another amazing amenity this hotel has is complimentary valet during the weekends.

The Bryant Park Hotel
Who: Couples looking to stay in midtown but still would like a boutique hotel. Modern, minimalist look.
Starting Price point: high $200's

Tuesday, 14 April 2015 00:00

Hotel Visits in NYC- Day 1

I love a beautiful hotel! And New York City is full of them. Travel agents take site tours to see the property so that we can match our clients with the best hotel to fit their needs. It's really difficult to tell exactly what a hotel looks and feels like from photos. Last Sunday, a group that I am a part of, The Young Travel Professionals (YTP) took a tour of several SoHo hotels.


The Broome Hotel

Who: The Broome is great for New Yorkers looking for a staycation or couples that would like a lot of privacy. There is no bar (they are still getting their liquor license,) so it is difficult to meet people. Couples are welcome to bring their own wine and enjoy in the courtyard.

Starting Pricepoint: $379/nt


We began our day at The Broome Hotel with breakfast in the courtyard. Started by restaurateur turned hotelier, the breakfast options were delicious! Crossants, smoked salmon, yogurts..I loved it all! 

Broome Courtyard The Broome hotel bathroom

This boutique hotel only has 14 rooms. Every room is different with original art and custom toiletries. The Broome seeks to be a neighborhood friendly, a self-described New York hotel with French touches.The Broome is perfect for staycations; locals have already become regulars. The Broome is the perfect getaway to forget that you are in the city, there is no noise and a lot of privacy. While you're in the hotel, standing in the middle of their open air riad, it feels more like you've been transported into Europe than noisy New York.

The Broome hotel room The Broome Hotel


The Standard East Hotel

Who: The Standard East is great for 20 and 30 somethings who are active and looking to have fun and meet new people mn. There are several great common areas, including a garden to hang out in and make friends.

Starting Pricepoint: Mid $200s


The Standard- East Village,  is a 135- room boutique hotel built into a tenement building. We had the opportunity to see an event space, with sweeping 360 degree views of the Manhattan skyline.

Standard view The Standard East Hotel

From the lipstick pillows and bold design, it became very clear that this hotel was not meant for the corporate suit crowd. The hotel caters leisure clients and corporate clients within tech, design and art fields. The hotel boasts of truly being a neighborhood-centric hotel, keeping the style to the surrounding taste and even offering complimentary rooms to the victims of the East Village Explosion. The hotel encourages guests to explore the neighborhood by offering a map of local bars, shops and restaurants to see while using their free bike service.

The Standard East Hotel The Standard East Hotel


The Mercer Hotel

Who: The Mercer is great for sophisticated couples looking for an exclusive hotel with a lot of privacy and excellent food options. Perfect for celebrities. 

Starting pricepoint: $650


After the generous sales team hosted us for brunch and drinks (we highly recommend the branzino at Narcisa!), we took an impromptu visit to The Mercer. The twin to Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, The Mercer embodies the essence of Andres Balazs at its finest. With only 65 guestrooms, the hotel feels more like a home- a place where you could stay at for months at a time. The rooms are very private; windows come with blackout shades and bedrooms separate from the sitting area by a thick leather curtain. The hotel has amazing amenities, my favorite being the 24-hour room service from Jean George!

The Mercer Hotel


The Crosby Street Hotel

Who: Couples, sophisticated families, girls weekend and bachelorettes, those for a love of art and design.

Starting pricepoint: $555/nt


Finally, we ended our adventure at The Crosby Street Hotel, which is a part of Firmdale Hotels. Designed by a British husband and wife team, the Crosby Street Hotel is the only Firmdale Hotel in the cit. The rest of the group is in London. The Crosby Street Hotel has 86 guest rooms each with a different design and color scheme. Clients range from leisure to c-level executives in fashion and film industries. Guests love the floor to ceiling windows that overlook quintessential New York rooftops and water towers. Every bathroom has two sinks and plenty of space for makeup and other items. During our site tour, we were able to see the impressive Crosby Suite. The Crosby Suite is a 1-bedroom suite with a separate living room complete with a large dining room table and sitting area. The room is so grand that it has even been used for small weddings.

Crosby St Hotel Crosby St Hotel

We had the option of attending the 8 PM Film Club screening of THE IMITATION GAME, hosted by the weekly film club. By the end of the evening, as we sipped our champagne and ate miniature ice cream cones, we realized that there really is no other city like New York City: where you can experience France, Morocco, L.A., and London all on the same day.

Crosby St Hotel Crosby St Hotel

This week, we've been reporting on the best hotels in Quebec City. We've come to my favorite of the Quebec Old Town hotels: The Auberge Saint-Antoine. This hotel is further away form the Chateau Frontenac, between the river and the Hotel 71.

Saint Antoine Lobby

I love this hotel because it is a museum within a hotel. Immediately upon walking in to the hotel, you see glass display boxes full of artifacts from "ancient" Quebec.


In the lobby, the lovely hotel representative giving me the tour greets me and points to a stone line cutting into the floor of the sitting area a half floor down. He tells me how it used to be part of the old Quebec fortification. The wall of the city sits in the middle of the hotel because the City has grown over the last few hundred years by landfill. Walking downstairs, the wall briefly turns to glass where you can see the fortification complete with an original cannon! The lobby hosts free jazz on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


The coolest of the hotel's amenities is a movie theater that can be used for conferences, watching the big game, or movies on a rainy day. The spa and gym are GORGEOUS. The hotel offers yoga classes and will even loan you yoga attire if you forgot your own.


The hotel has 95 rooms. During the high season, the hotel operates at 100% occupancy and 60%- 70% during the low season. The clientele is typically older because, due to its location close to the port, the hotel accommodates to a lot of cruise clients. Clients are about 80% foreign with a lot of Bostonians and New Yorkers, which makes sense because the hotel is a true mix of modern and traditional New England style. The restaurant really has a New England feel and even has original beams from the house that it originally was.


The rooms are so impressive and beautifully decorated. Each room has the same glass display cases that were in the lobby and hosts more artifacts. The style is traditional, but is fully renovated with clean lines. I wanted to just crawl into the bed. In the low season, deluxe rooms start at $250 and go up to $400- $450 during the high season.

SaintAntoineSuite SaintAntoineBathroom

 Suites are very comfortable in size and have bathrooms that put my New York apartment bathroom to shame.

CaptainsRoomSaintAntoine HotelSaintAntoineBathroom

 There are 6 historical rooms that were once part of the original house. They are larger than the other rooms and are available upon request. Sitting on the bed you can almost hear in the distance the British retreating, leaving after their brief occupancy.

The only drawback to this hotel? You may not want to leave.

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