The Great New York Pizza Crawl: Roberta's

Amist the warehouses and loft apartments of Bushwick, lies the famed pizza place, Roberta's. Set off a main street, the thick wooden door of Roberta's might easily have been missed if the masses of patrons weren't waiting outside. Despite it's rather large size, Roberta's vibe is cozy and comfortable. A large woodburning oven at the head of the kitchen illuminates the restaurant with a soft orange glow. The front room is full of communal picnic tables light up by nostalgic colored christmas lights. Once you make your way to the maitre'd, expect upwards of an hour wait. The back of the restaurant has a small bar with minimal seating; you feel constantly in the way standing. Adjacent is another room with a garden. The beer selection is a bit heavy for my tastes, but if you like hoppier lagers and IPA's you will feel right at home. We ordered the…
Looking for a quick outdoor getaway? New Hampshire’s White Mountains offers year-round activities for people of all ages. Some of the most scenic landscapes that New England has to offer are only a short 2.5 hour drive from Boston. From an early age, I loved what the White Mountains had to offer and as an adult, its offerings only expanded. I’d like to talk about some of my favorite and convenient activities that I have found while visiting the north. Pro-tip 1: Try to avoid peak summer holidays and weekends, as traffic can get particularly bad, especially traveling home on a Sunday afternoon. Pro-tip 2: As you’re driving through the mountains, make sure to pull off at some of the scenic vistas. Most offer stunning views of the surrounding areas. There are several scattered along the Kancamagus Highway (route 112) and Bear Notch road (closed in the winter). 1. Hiking…
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