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The Re-Opening of the 1964 World's Fair

The 1964 World's Fair was the third World's Fair to be held in New York. Taking place in Queens Corona Park, this World's Fair embodied the space frenzie of the 1960's. What was really important about this fair is that it was the first to give fair-goers direct interaction with computers! The most notable features of the fair were the giant globe called the Unisphere and the New York State Pavillion with the UFO-looking observation towers and "Tent of Tomorrow." 

The fair grounds have been abandoned since the 1970's, but on April 22, 2014, they opened the grounds of Tent of Tomorrow to visitors for a few hours.

Unisphere Laura at World's Fair

My girlfriend and I got there right at 11 when the park opened and the line was already down the promenade of the park into the parking lot. 

New York State Pavilion  New York State Pavilion

Three hours later, we got to what we thought was the front of the line, only to find out that it was just the line to get tickets to go inside and that we would have to wait another two hours!!!! 

New York State Pavilion  New York State Pavilion 

I was very upset to hear that we couldnt go in the actual towers and the opening was just to the inside of the tent. Needless to say, we didn't wait. It was still fun to be around the enegry of the opening. I had only seen the towers from afar and although they are rusting, they make for some great photo taking! There are also many other great things to do in the park; The Queens Museum, which was recently renovated, The New York Hall of Science and the Queens Botanical Garden

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