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Sniffapalooza Spring Fling 2014 Featured

It's been almost 9 years that I've lived in New York City and it never ceases to amaze me how many different kinds of events happen here. I recently had the pleasure of attending the biannual event; Sniffapalooza. Sniffapalooza unites the fragrance industry and fragrance fanatics in a weekend-long fragrance frenzy!

Our day started bright and early with breakfast at Bergdorf Goodman's café. The intimate setting allowed us to speak openly and learn more about the other guests. Sniffapalooza is not something that you go to by accident.

During breakfast, reps from some of the best perfume houses spoke to us about upcoming launches. Fragrance and travel are two industries that are highly memory-based. Many fragrances are based on travels, experiences and even memories as simple as a good night kiss.

Sniffapalooza 4 sniffapalooza5

We were lucky enough to have acclaimed perfumer, Roja, come speak to us. Each of his scents has a story and we were fortunate to hear several. His Cologne, Impearl, is about man at a fancy party dressed in jeans and smoking a cigar, while everyone else dons tuxedos. The man gregariously entertains the partygoers to the point where they think, "who is he!" both disgustedly and with intrigue. Roja is such an engaging speaker that I felt like I knew him, I saw a window in his soul. I wanted nothing more than to drink tea with him in his budding garden in England.

sniffapalooza Laura and Roja

Me and Roja

After presentations at Bergdorf, we had time to to wander the floor and meet with the representatives. Like a high-end cocktail bar, the reps don't ask you for your drink order, but ask you more of the types of scents that you love. I love to layer scents to create something custom and satisfy my complex palate.

Thankfully, after we sniffed to success, a 3-course lunch at Brasserie 8 ½ was waiting for us. During lunch, other perfumers spoke of their innovations including the first perfumer-chef collaboration and a perfume primer to make your scent last longer.

Sniffapalooza fragrances

Our loot from Sniffapalooza

Our afternoon was spent enjoying the fine scents at Henri Bendel and sipping absenthe drinks that inspired Francois Damide of Absolument Parfumer.

Other stops on the trail included Krigler Perfumery at the shops at the plaza. This famous old school perfumer is the creator of scents worn by JFK, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.

Last stop was Molton Brown for a champagne party and to test out their luxury soap and body products.

The entire day was beyond my expectations! There is nothing better than experiencing something you like with others that feel the same. I definitely plan to return to Sniffapalooza Fall Ball.

Sniffapalooza Laura and mom

Mom and I at the Molton Brown party
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