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Peter Pan's Donuts- A True Never Never Land

peter pan donut shop in greenpoint brooklyn

I am a sucker for sweets, however, donuts aren't usually on my go-to list. Generally, I find them too heavy; I can literally feel the fire forming around my stomach.

I've recently been reading tons of articles, like this one from the Gothamist about donuts and some of them, I HAD to try.

In the heart of Polish Greenpoint is Peter Pan. If for some reason, you have trouble spotting which shop is which, look for the line crawling outside. The interior of Peter Pan is a truly nostalgic blast from the past; a place you'd expect to see in a 1950s family movie. Despite the decent amount of counter bar-type seating, you will be hard-pressed to find a spot. Even the pressing line at the front of the house, Regulars don't seem bothered enough to suck down their coffee and finish reading their paper. This is not that kind of place.

The take-out line moves quickly, though, as uniformed Polish women abruptly fill your orders. During key time, don't expect small talk.

I ordered the red velvet and honey glazed donut. I was hesitant on ordering the honey glazed- it sounds so boring!- but a slew of reviews convinced me otherwise. And I was not disappointed. The honey glazed donut was probably the best donut that I've ever had and it literally melted in your mouth. The insides were light and fluffy, which is probably a bit dangerous; I felt like I could eat several without popping.
The red velvet was also tantalizing, but a bit more cakier. It had good consistency and didn't crumble.

It is no wonder that Tina Fey declared that after tasting Peter Pan's donuts, she finally understood the man's urge for sex.

I can't wait to return and try others like the sour cream and cruller.

a donut from peter pan  a donut from peter pan donuts

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop

727 Manhattan Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11222

(718) 389-3676

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